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Picture of Karen Nichols, ARNP.  Taken Spring 2012.  Kirkland, WA.  Karen has had years of clinical experience as well as years of personal experience with aesthetic treatments, menopause symptoms, and weight loss.  Individualized treatment always!Welcome to the website for Karen Nichols, ARNP.  Here you will find information about my specialties. As a solo practitioner, I am able to offer consultation, planning and treatment on a personal level. Please browse the site and call, text or email with any questions you may have. 206-999-4693. Karennicholsarnp@gmail.com

On the following pages you will find short summaries about boutique services for appearance enhancement, hormone optimization, rejuvenation, and maintenance.

My personal belief is that we each need to find a balance in all areas of life.  What that balance is depends upon so many factors that it is mind-boggling! Of course, who you are -- physiologically, psychologically, stage of life, and history -- are some of the ingredients that affect what a healthy balance is for you.  However, our culture, support system, economic climate and even what is being shown in the cinemas also influence that balance.  Plus, that balance area is in a constant state of change.  Not only is every individual different, but in addition a person can be different from one appointment to another.  One size definitely does not fit all!  And the size that fit you last year doesn't necessary fit this month.Therefore, every service is tailored to your particular priorities and needs. 

Please feel free to contact us for a phone conversation or to schedule a free in-person consultation.  Karen can then better answer your questions about you.

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